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San Diego State University



Welcome to Chargers Innovations website. Chargers Innovations is a combination of six innovative minds of the Electrical Engineering Department at San Diego State University. In today’s every expanding world, energy consumption is the far most important issue facing humanity. We are being forced to find new reliable sources of energy, cleaner, more earth-friendly sources and ways of making energy more available to remote locations across the world. In conjunction with Engineers Without Borders, Chargers Innovations is developing a thermoelectric device that is going to change the way many people across the world are going to live. Chargers Innovations is developing a thermoelectric generating device that will be able to take any camp-stove and convert the heat off it, into usable electricity.







San Diego State University,  5500 Campanile Drive,

 San Diego, CA 92182

E-mail: chargers08_sdsu@yahoo.com